Opening Speech of the Syrian Arab Republic

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delivered at the Mun Conference in Istanbul (TIMUN), November 2008, by the ambassador Carolin Dumler

Honourable President, Distinguished Delegates, 

change is coming to the Syrian Arab Republic. We are no more a country marking time. We are a nation proud of its achievements. The Syrian Arab Republic has been working towards achieving the Millenium Goals, such as eradicating poverty, improving the health and education system, ensuring environmental sustainability and promoting gender equality. We see these measures as vital for progress and cooperation with the international community. Syria has regretted the lack of diplomatic contact with other countries in the past. We hope that Israel will show understanding and return the Syrian Golan Heights as already urged by the UN. The Syrian Arab Republic emphasizes that the repetition of unfounded foreign raids on Syrian territory as recently carried out by the USA will not be accepted, but nevertheless we are optimistic that dialogue with the new US government under Barack Obama will be possible.

Thank you, Mr. President.

(written by Carolyn Hahn, Elena Zabert und Carolin Dumler)

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