Issues on the Agenda for MunoM 2011

General Assembly

General Assembly committee 1 (Disarmament and International Security)

  • Nuclear disarmament of Iran and DPR Korea
  • Non-proliferation agreements v option zero
  • Developments in the field of information and telecommunication technologies in the context of international security


General Assembly committee 2 (Economic and Financial)

  • The fight against corruption in Latin America
  • Minimizing the impacts of the global financial crisis on third world development
  • The current energy crisis and rising prices of crude oil


General Assembly committee 3 (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)

  • The question of the governmental influence on the media and communication with special regard to censorship and data protection
  • Measures to prevent illegal Human Trafficking especially involving involuntary prostitution
  • Effective international co-operation regarding natural disaster relief and response


General Assembly committee 4 (Special Political and Decolonization)

  • Israeli settlements int the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem
  • Refugee policy in Southern Europe
  • Rise of food prices in the past year and the impact on LDCs


General Assembly committee 6 (Legal)

  • Protection of Data Privacy on User Generated Content Websites
  • Rules for preventing unilateralism
  • Regulation of illicit drugs trade


Security Council

  • Question of the Middle East
  • Question of Myanmar
  • Question of Sudan


Special Conference on “Separatism, nation-building and threats to international security”


 Special Conference committee 1

  • Southern Russian separatism in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia etc.
  • Northern African and Arab states in the transition from dictatorship to a new order
  • Mexico and the drug trade


Special Conference committee 2

  • Separatism in Western Europe in Basque Country, Northern Ireland, Italy, Belgium and others
  • Afghanistan, Iraq, Southern Sudan as states that need to be rebuilt after armed conflicts
  • Separatism in Asia (Sri Lanka, Philippines, Myanmar/Burma)


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